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Jesus said "I will never leave you or forsake you". Meditate on that, and realise, God is with you however you feel. Then make a choice, I will move on. As one door closes, look to God to open a new one. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says that there are times and seasons, this bad time won't last forever. Make practical choices; learn from this time and to move on.

  • 1. Find a lively Christian youth group. Make a choice, "I will stay here and make friends, even if it is hard".
  • 2. Find a hobby to keep you occupied whilst making new friends.
  • 3. Be a friend to find a friend. Look for someone else who is lonely, be a friend to them! (Help someone else who is in your situation - you'll feel good, and it may solve your problems).
  • 4. Don't fall for the devil's tricks and mess with the wrong crowd. You need people who will pull you up, not push you down.

    Remember feeling sorry for yourself will achieve nothing! But when you decide to move on, you start to make a new life.
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    Heb. 10:38
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