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I find the Trinity hard to understand, is there an easier way to explain the concept?

The Trinity is the union of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit in one Godhead. The word ‘Trinity’ is not in the Bible, but the concept is. Jesus explained that He was One with the Father (John 10:30) and He told us that it was better for us that He was going away, because He was going to send the Holy Spirit instead. In the Bible we find the Holy Spirit is a teacher, has a will, emotions and can be grieved etc, (John 14:26, Acts 13:2, Eph. 4:30). When Jesus’ ministry was ending on earth, He accepted the worship of Thomas who said, “My Lord AND MY GOD” (John 20:28).

When St. Patrick explained the concept of the Trinity to people in Ireland, he used a three-leafed clover, showing that three separate expressions all come from one source. Today, perhaps another way to consider the Trinity is by thinking about ice, water and steam. All three are different, yet all three can be one and the same.

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