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Is it a sin to purchase and listen to non-Christian music? – Charlotte.

Charlotte, the Bible does not say that it is sin to listen to or purchase any music. However, we should consider what message we are promoting.

What happens when your buy someone’s album? In effect, you are supporting and encouraging the musicians' work. By purchasing it, you are saying “It’s good and I want more”. For Christians, we must ask ourselves, “Who do I want to give a platform to speak from….and what are they saying from that platform?”

Should we be buying the albums of people who encourage immorality, rebellion and anti-Christian views? An artist may perform a song with amazing references to Christ and then their next song may be about sleeping around. Also, some music videos are semi-pornographic. Do you want to continue to give this person an audience?

We are fortunate today that there is much top class Christian music. Would you not prefer to purchase the albums that promote your faith, your values and your worldview and by doing so, you are supporting their ministry to the world!

Secondly, we must consider those who have no faith. Should we be encouraging music to climb the charts, which has a poor message, or do we want Christian music, which honour’s Christ, like Mary Mary’s 'Praise Him’ to break into the top spots? You must make your own decision on that question.