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Church By Faith

UK Church
Fifty-two thousand young people leave the church in the UK every year. Does this mark the end of the church?

In the UK the evangelical church is still slowly growing. Worldwide, the Church is growing at a rate unseen in world history.

Christianity has over two billion followers, making it the biggest followed faith in the world.

Jesus said, I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. It is not our responsibility to build the church, or to see it victorious. Christ said He would build it. All we need to do is obey Him, and we will see the Kingdom of God extended. Matthew 11:12.

Christ is God, the Bible is the truth, and that is that. The truth will always stand; the church will be a witness until the coming of Christ. Will the tide turn in the UK?

Will we as a nation turn back to God? Well, let's put is like this, 'Have you ever heard of revival?' - Go

Heb. 10:38
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