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China's 'Heavenly Man' on the GOD Channel

The staggering faith and courage of renowned Chinese House Church leader, Brother Yun will be revealed in an exclusive television interview with GOD TV, when Lui Zhenying shares his dramatic story on the GOD Channel's programme ‘In Depth’ - showing now on Sundays (13:30 and 19:00 GMT).

Zhenying, known as "Brother Yun" in the book "The Heavenly Man" has been arrested by the Chinese authorities more than 30 times and has suffered long periods of torture and imprisonment on account of his faith.

He became a Christian at an early age and, against all odds, has shared his faith to countless fellow Chinese people despite constant warnings from the authorities.

Voted the UK's 'Christian Book for last year' for 2003, 'The Heavenly Man' tells how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village and used him to preach the Gospel to China.

The GOD Channel's David Aldous interviews Brother Yun in this remarkably challenging eight-part series which brings human courage and conviction to a new level.

Watch online at  God TV. See also Back To Jerusalem for more details.
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