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Life is hard

  • 1. Why does your server cut you off, when you’re just about to send an e-mail?

  • 2. Did you know that builders' quotes belong to the ‘mystical’ realm of life? They are complete fiction.

  • 3. When you cross a one-way road, why do you always look both ways?

  • 4. Why are bad weather reports more likely to be accurate than good weather reports?

  • 5. After going through a car wash it will probably rain.

  • 6. Why is it that traffic cones are everywhere, but where are the workmen?

  • 7. Understand this; in the office don't ask difficult questions after 4 PM on Friday.

  • 8. You know that you always have less money in your bank account than you think you do.

  • 9. The one time you relax is the one time the manager will walk into the office.

  • 10. The special offer in the super market is sold out again.

  • 11. Most things in life are easier to get into, than to get out of.

  • 12. Are all crisp packets only a third full?

  • 13. An out door unheated swimming pool is pointless if you live in Scotland.

  • 14. Do the traffic lights have a grievance against only me?

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