20/30 Something Christian

Twenty, thirty something Christians have loads of issues to face. Where do we fit in church? Who should we marry? What happens if we get the call to mission? How can we grow spiritually?

God At Work

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Top Five: Topics For Twenty / Thirty Something Christians

      Who should I marry?
                How can I choose a career?
                         I want to go on a mission, but
                                 Iíve been looking at porn, how can I stop?

Get Fired Up For Christian Revival

Thirty moves of the Holy Spirit, a call to holiness, prayer and intercession for revival.

Get Ready For Your Mission

Mission Preparation Training

Many people will spend hundreds, if not thousands to go on a short-term mission, yet still go unprepared. Now there is no excuse! Go.
Get Out Of Debt!

Does God have the ability to manage your finances better than you do? Get out of debt.

Spiritual Growth for Twenty / Thirty Something Christians

How can I pray?
How can I know God's will?
What is a divine appointment?
Is it a sin to purchase and listen to some music?