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Choosing A Career

“How can I know what job I should be doing? How can I choose a career when there are so many options and what if I am not qualified for any of them?”

What Do You Like Doing?

  • Do you like looking after people? Do you find yourself helping the old people at church? Have you considered working in a nursing home, or as a nurse or doctor?
  • Do you like making things? Have you considered being a carpenter or an engineer.
  • Do you like driving? Have you thought about being a taxi, train or bus driver?
  • Do you like writing? Maybe you could be an author or a journalist.
  • Do you have a passion for TV or film? How about starting as a junior in the industry and working your way up?
  • Do you like talking with people? Maybe you would be good working behind the counter of a bank or shop.
  • Do you feel anointed to preach and teach? Why not pray about being in full-time Christian ministry?

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