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Walking Honourably

When people genuinely meet Jesus, repent of their sins and get saved, then their life changes dramatically, in fact we can say that they have found life, as Jesus promised life to the full. They will have a new way of *thinking, talking and acting, (*though the practical outworking of this can take time; even years). A completely new creature would have been birthed in Christ Jesus.

Decades ago and especially centuries past, the Established Church was a respected society of holy, God fearing people and all the community knew it. There was a church in every village, town and city. Can you imagine that sinners respected the church as a moral institution? They may not have wanted to follow its teaching’s, but they could see the men and women who loved God and desired to live by His statues.

Sadly the picture is very different today as society has gone on the moral slide of depravity. But even worse is that often believers as the ‘body of Christ’ don’t practice what we preach, or don’t practice what we know to be right.

Every time a brother in Christ messes up in gross public sin then the body of Christ inherits an even greater reputation for hypocrisy. We should be a reflection of Christ instead of casting an untrue reflection of Christ; after all we take the name CHRISTian as a religious identity. It has been said on so many occasions that people may not read the Bible, but they will read your life. So what story are you telling? Whatever you do, for better or for worse your reputation will follow you; what message are you sending to the world?

God needs to be the central theme of your life, don’t follow the crowd, follow Jesus and the teachings of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. When you take your eyes off God you usually end up in sin and in a mess. Never lose sight of God, less you dishonour Him and disrespect yourself. Don’t become a laughing stock of devils (as the revivalist, Rev. Duncan Campbell used to say) and the butt of the godless people’s jokes.

As believers in Christ Jesus our goal and aim should be to please the Master who gave His all for us. Your calling is to promote His interest in the world. To proclaim the ‘good news’ of the saving, healing and liberating power of Jesus Christ. Your actions can affect the way other people will live out the rest of their days. The words that you speak can bring life or death. The seed that you plant today can germinate and grow or it can be dampened by disappointments and disillusionments.

It’s not ok to just talk the talk, it is imperative to walk the walk as well. What you say today may take root in somebody’s heart for better or for worse. What you do today may influence someone far more than what you say. They can be compelled to come to you (and thus to Jesus) by your love and warmth or be repelled by you. The choice is yours...but in reality the best thing to do is to live for the King and His cause, live your life as a testimony to God's saving power.

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