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Why is the Bible against sleeping around? What’s wrong with ‘sharing the love?’

The Bible says that ‘greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends’ John 15:13. It does not say, ‘love is using another.’ If we truly love someone, we should according to Scripture, put their own best interests before our own. Promiscuous behaviour is at its heart, an act of short-term fleshly self-interest, that cares little for the consequences for anyone.

The Bible gives us a vision of who we could be and what kind of society we could live in, if we chose God’s way instead of the worlds. Don’t we want a world with faithful husbands, loving fathers and stable families? Don’t we want our future husband or wife to have total confidence in our integrity, because we’ve proved before marriage our commitment to purity? Don’t we all want to find someone with whom we could be totally honest and fully trust – this is not possible if we’ve been sneaking around and playing games! When we sleep around, we betray ourselves and deny ourselves the pleasure of integrity.

In the West today, there are a whole generation of men who have never felt like a real man. They’ve betrayed their girlfriends/wives, they’ve mistreated or disserted their children - they’ve lied to those who love them the most. When they look in the mirror, they feel like a failure, not a man. Men are supposed to have a strength of integrity, women are supposed to feel safe around them. Men are supposed to walk down the street with their head held-high because their reputation is that of one who protects and loves those that are in his life.

People who sleep around may enjoy the moment, but afterward they know its all fake. There is no real love. There is no true honesty and in one way, they spend much of their lives running, jumping from one person to another, hoping to escape the reality that they know inside – emptiness.

Finally, the Bible says in Matthew nineteen that ‘you shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ Love can never use another and it can never betray someone’s long term best interest.

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