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'Peace I leave with you'

Reducing Stress

Stress depletes our bodies, our immune systems become weak, and sickness (even depression) can set in. Are you suffering from stress? Manifestations can include; extreme fatigue, tension, unable to relax, emotional exhaustion, negativity, irritability, and sometimes depression.

Don't do too much. Realise if you do too much, you'll be no good to anyone. God will not lead you to do more than you can handle. You may need to make some choices on what you are going to cut back on. Don't burn out, burn on.

Just do all that God wants you to do and you'll have, 'Life in abundance' as Jesus promised, John 10:10. Sitting down for five minutes and asking the peace of God to fill your soul can make all the difference to a day!

Hab. 2:4
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