ByFaith DVD Four
Episodes And Special Features

Episode Ten
Learning Victory in Nepal / India. Millions of believers are persecuted around the world, do we really consider them? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Victory *ByFaith Introduction *God's Move *Overcoming Poverty *Choosing Faith *Mystery Of Nepal *Surrender To Christ *Looking Back *Do You Want To Be Well? *Nepal / India Border *His People

Episode Eleven
The Challenge of World Mission in India. Make disciples of all nations. 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*World Mission *Indian Vision *Patna Junction *Pioneering By Faith *Trying To Leave *Nine Hours Late *Watch Your Head *Every Tribe, Tongue And Nation *Inspired By Heroes Of Faith *The Father Of Modern Mission *Same Vision, New Generation *The First Convert

Episode Twelve
Forgiveness in Bangladesh. Why should we forgive others? 25 minutes. Find out more.

Scene Access
*Forgiveness *Calcutta Work *Slum Villages *Bus Stop *British History *Death On The Journey *Welcome To Dhaka *Seven Reasons To Forgive *Flood Waters *Trouble Everywhere! *Old Church *Forgiveness For Life

Bible Studies

On this DVD, find out where to download the free Bible studies that have been prepared for use with these episodes.

Study Ten: Learning victory in Nepal/India.
Study Eleven: The challenge of world mission.
Study Twelve: Forgiveness in Bangladesh.

Extra Footage

Nepal / India
  • Nepal
  • The Bridge
  • The Film Crew
  • The King And Queen
  • Back To India
  • Deleted Scene - Royal Visit
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Steak House
  • Deleted Scene 3 - Parade

  • India
  • William Carey Museum
  • Royal Approval
  • Mission News
  • The Flood Waters

  • Bangladesh
  • Looking For A New Hotel
  • The New Hotel
  • On The River
  • Shopping
  • The Rush
  • Later That Day
  • Success
  • Deleted Scene - Traffic
  • Deleted Scene 2 - Hair Cut

  • Unique Commentary With Extra Footage

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