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Hollywood Questions

1. Scooby Doo’s nephew is called...

Shaggy Scrappy Doo Dogs Worth Flooby Scooby Dooby Wooby

2. Who lent their voice to Stuart Little?

Tom Cruise Tom Hanks Michael J Fox Ice Cube

3. Agent Jay in the film Men in Black is played by…  

Will Smith Faith Jones Tommy Lee Jones Jacky Chan

4.The Power Puff girls live in…

Brownsville Fateville Cutesville Townville

5.Complete the film title, ‘Harry Potter and the chamber of….’ Find out here

Devils Secrets Lost Dreams Hippy Clothes

6.What weak teenager becomes Spiderman?

Peter Parker Parker Pete William Doy Clark Kent

7. Who was monsters Inc’s ‘Top Scarer’?

Bob scary Monster Scully Sully

8. What is the name of Stuart Littles family cat?

Puss Snow Bell Fatty Sunshine

9. What is the name of Jimmy Neutron’s Dog?  

Darwin Dardly Goddard Woof

  • Score 1-4. Ooops!
  • Score 5-7. Good.
  • Score 8-9. Great.
  • Score 10-14. Supernatural man!

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