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The Weakest Link. By Faith

The Weakest Link

Do you ever fear that one day your friends, work, society...or God will see you as the weakest link and say ‘Goodbye’ to you?

In the Bible God tells us what He is like: completely pure, compassionate, willing to forgive, loving, perfect, just and fair.

God knows everything about us and will never say ‘Goodbye’ to those who love Him. Jesus constantly cared for those who were seen as the ‘underdogs’ of society. He healed people like the outcast, and the rejected whose illness, sin, or disabilities isolated them from society.

He loved the unlovely and the unloved.

We cannot rely on our own success, but on Christ alone to guide us through life and into eternity with Him. We are special to God, made in His image. He has a plan and purpose for us. We are unique. Trust God with your life, follow Him.

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Gal 3:11
Weakest Link. By Faith

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