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Joy @ By Faith
‘Draw near to God, and He’ll draw near to you’. James 4:8.

‘I know the plans I have for you… to prosper and have success’ Jeremiah 29:11.

Christian Joy

Joy is that deep feeling of contentment and happiness inside. Things may be bad in your life, but true joy is the assurance that God is in control of your life, and that He is good.

To have joy, you need faith. Study the Bible, and get some good teaching on faith. As you see the goodness of God in the Scriptures, then your faith and joy will arise knowing that a good God is looking after you.

Have you really met Jesus? You can go to church, know Bible stories and sing Christian songs without having experienced the power of Christ!! When you have met Him, you’ll know it, friend.

Church can be boring, but a supernatural encounter with Jesus changes you forever, I know I was changed forever when I met Him.

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Hab. 2:4
By Faith experience Joy
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