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By Faith. How far is too far?

How far is too far?

1. Understand that before marriage your friendship is not for sexual pleasure. God wants you to learn to love each other and be best friends. Many marriages break up because they are based on LUST not friendship. Build your relationship on being best friends.

2. Make up your mind to enjoy what God has given you now. Friendships are precious, but can be ruined by the power of lust. Lust will want you to have deeper and deeper sexual experiences and will never satisfy you. Choose right now to not be controlled by lust, but to enjoy your relationship.

3. If you have decided not to be controlled by lust, you’ll know to keep your hands to yourself. Touching people sexually inevitably leads to something deeper. In your heart you do know what is right, follow the Holy Spirit's conviction, it is always for the best.

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Gal 3:11
By Faith. How far is too far.
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