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General knowledge quiz

1. What object recently discovered turned out to be a fake? Find out here

Laptop Ossuary Tomb Bible Scrolls

2.To the baker Jesus is... Find out here

Chief cornerstone. Banker Sure foundation Living bread

3. How far has God removed our sins from us? Find out  here

To another continent To Iceland As far as the East is from the West As far as the South is from the North

4.In what country did the Sunderland outpouring take place?

England France USA Scotland

5.Complete the James Bond film title, ‘Die Another.’
Dog Week Year Day

6.Complete the Scripture, ‘As for me and my House we will serve the...’

Lord Church Government flesh

7. What is the coldest continent on earth?

Europe North America Antarctica Pacific

8. What famous City has canals instead of streets?

Venice Athens Calcutta Rome

9. What was the 50th State to join the USA?  

Nevada Hawaii Colorado Wisconsin

  • Score 1-4. Ooops!
  • Score 5-7. Good.
  • Score 8-9. Great.
  • Score 10-14. Supernatural man!

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