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Christians in the UK make up around 7.5% of the British population. We are faced with the greatest challenge in our long Christian history. In 1980, 10.9% of the population went to church, and in a decade that was reduced to 9.5%.

However, the good news is that the Christian evangelical community in Britain is still growing at a very slow rate - growth is better than decline! Black-majority churches are flourishing and church attendance is expanding in one in five Anglican dioceses. Also London hosts the largest church in Europe.

UK Christians have made a huge impact upon the world through mission work, ministries and Christian mass media. Yet, the UK itself has become a mission field.

Our generation of Christian people in Britain have a great challenge to reach this nation. We have a long history of revival and effective Christian witness; yet we seem powerless in this present-day society. This situation leaves many Christians no other option than to cry out to God for help in this time of need.

We certainly need revival on the streets, and power to help the church meet its people’s need of healing, purpose and discipleship.

Hab. 2:4
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