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 3 Days?


Stay healthy on your holiday or mission trip abroad.

  • 1. Be careful what you eat. The food stall on the side of the road may look nice, but is the food thoroughly cooked or was it warmed up three days in a row?
  • 2. Watch what you drink. Bottled water (with proper seals), could save you from having days of diarrhoea! If there is no bottled water, get your water boiled. One person wrote, ‘In Pakistan we bought ‘branded’ bottled water – and ended up in hospital on a drip-feed for hours – the doctor’s advice was ‘drink only boiled water’ – bottled water is no guarantee of purity.’
  • 3. Bring your own medication. Developing countries can have a trade in fake drugs, so it’s best to make sure you have all you need from home.
  • 4. Get your vaccinations! Don’t expect the Lord to protect you because you could not be bothered to get a vaccination! Do all you can and trust the Lord to do the rest.
  • 5. Remember to take mosquito repellent and a net, if the area you're visiting requires them.
  • 6. Stay alert. Some criminal gangs prey on tourists, so make sure you always know where your bag is and carry your money in a safe place.
  • 7. Keep something on your feet. Don’t walk around the streets without something on because you could catch a parasite or fungal infection.
  • 8. Don’t go out on your own wandering the streets. Always tell someone where you will be going and go out in twos. Do you really want to get lost?
  • 9. Get insurance. Make sure you have medical insurance, just in case something does go wrong and you need treatment.

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