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Do you need a new Doctor?

  • 1. The patient before you was a dog.
  • 2. He has an office sharing arrangement with a mortician.
  • 3. On the wall are his vet certificates.
  • 4. He asks you to turn your head and cough during an eye examination.
  • 5. The assistant is called Frankenstein.
  • 6. He is often in the local papers and gets lots of TV publicity; the backdrop being the courthouse.
  • 7. During surgery he has to keep repeating that ‘thigh bone connected to the knee bone’ song.
  • 8. He tries to refer you to a dentist regarding your twisted ankle.
  • 9. All his medical books are from the ‘Do-it-yourself series.’
  • 10. He mutters under his breath about wishing that he had had a better education.
  • 11. He apologised for not being able to spend quality time with his patients, as he has to see his shrink and counsellor every day.
  • 12. As you leave he always says “See you soon…very soon.”

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