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'Believe in God'

Why should we believe in God?

Think about these several reasons why we should believe in God.

1. We see God in nature. Design demands a designer. Think about the vastness of the Universe, or the law and order within the tiny atom. The beauty of nature and the variety of species causes us to look up at Him. Has any one ever dug up a 5,000 year old sports car, or a rocket, or pen? (Romans 1:20).

2. We have a conscience which drives us to understand right from wrong. (Romans 2:14-15).

3. Think about Jesus Christ. He was more than a man, His character was unique, His miracles undeniable and His death and resurrection showed us that He is God.(John 1).

4. The Bible has hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. Jesus Himself fulfilled over 300 prophecies. Only a supernatural mind could have foretold so many events.

5. If there is no God, then our lives are meaningless. Mankind strives for meaning and purpose. We all have a large void in our lives that can only be filled by having a living relationship with God.

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Hab. 2:4
'By faith '
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