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Christian USA

The impact of the Christian faith upon the national life of the people of America is significant. Evangelical growth has continued for some time now; 32% of the population of the USA hold to evangelical doctrines.

Charismatic and Pentecostal growth in the USA has been massive; today 25% of Christian people in America belong to this stream.

The USA has done more for world mission than any other nation, and yet the humanist, New Agers and the large entertainment industry are eroding the spiritual heritage of America. Anti-Christian minorities in America are using the separation of church and State to limit public expression of faith and push for permissive legislation.

Today the Christian people of the USA must seize every opportunity to influence their churches, the entertainment industry, politics and every area of society with the gospel. Revival and restoration to the call of biblical discipleship is needed once again. God bless the USA!

Hab. 2:4
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