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10 Plunged Into U.S. Shark Tank

Desiring to get up close and personal on the behind-the-scenes tour of a aquarium, a group of people walked over the shark tank, when the platform suddenly gave way sending ten people consisting of adults and children plunging into the deep.

One man frantically searching for his two-year old grandchild was relieved to see someone with the toddler on the footbridge. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, only two needed treatment for minor cuts and bruises.

"I was just praying none of the sharks got agitated from all of the splashing and everything. I mean, they got sharks in there bigger than me," one up close and personal victim said.

The good news was the sharks had just been fed. The tank's inhabitants included the nurse and sand tiger sharks, turtles, redfish and stingrays.

The incident happened on the 8th August 2002, in the New Orleans. The Aquarium managers have launched an inquiry.