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Strange News

  • 1. A lorry load of wigs has overturned on the M25; police said, “They were combing the area.”
  • 2. A man was jailed for three months for stealing paintings from his employer. The man claims that a fellow worker had framed him.
  • 3. Robbers dug a tunnel to break into a bank in London. Police said, “They were still looking into it”.
  • 4. Four cowboy members of the ‘Knotty rope gang’ escaped from prison yesterday, and are still loose.
  • 5. A man has been released on bail in connection with the recent robbery at Joe’s carpenter shop. The man denies all claims and took a great offence, (great fence).
  • 6. The officers investigating the theft of one hundred boxes of glue from a warehouse came unstuck yesterday when the evidence they had fell through. Officers said, “They will still stick to the case and nothing is too difficult to solve.”
  • 7. The smallest theatre in Britain seating only 16 persons no longer holds the world record, due to being over run with mushrooms, (Much room).
  • 8. A group of young men were arrested late last night on suspicion of breaking and entering a sewing shop; they all claimed to have been stitched up.

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