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 In Christ


At the careers office

“Have you considered the following jobs?”

  • 1. Baker? “There is not enough dough!”
  • 2. Builder? “I’m only good at making a mess.”
  • 3. Teacher? “I know nothing.”
  • 4. Chef? “I can only cook the books!”
  • 5. Candle maker? “It would soon get on my wick.”
  • 6. Fashion Model? “I’m not trendy enough.”
  • 7. Dustbin man? “Sounds like rubbish to me.”
  • 8. Astrologer? “I don’t believe in looking at the stars.”
  • 9. Clock maker? “I’m not good with time.”
  • 10. Magician? “Sounds magic to me!”
  • 11. Sewing business? “Would I get stitched up by someone?”
  • 12. Electrician? “I would be ecstatic if I could train for it.”
  • 13. Librarian? “Is it a well documented job?”
  • 14. Explorer? “Well I could look into the unknown.”
  • 15. Aeroplane pilot? “Sounds like a flight of fancy.”

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    Hab. 2:4
    'By faith and the Bible'
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